Women of Valor // Introduction

Sarah. Rachel. Elizabeth. Mary. These names conjure within us images of strong, resilient, and fundamentally human women. They may be the names of our mothers, our daughters, or ourselves. But they are also the names of our spiritual ancestors; the women who came before us, who left us a legacy to uphold or reject.

Their names are woven through our scriptures like threads in a tapestry; not making up the whole design, but contributing to its richness and intricacy. We trace our fingers along their strands, watching as the twists and turns of a single life can change the course of history. As imperfectly human as they were, God used them in the unfolding of one of the greatest stories ever told: that of a people created, fallen, and redeemed.

But these women are important not just because of the roles they play within the greater stories of the Bible. They are also important because they give us a glimpse into ourselves. We relate to them, learn from them, and are reminded through their stories that, just as God used, loved, and redeemed these women, so God uses, loves, and redeems us.

In this twelve-week Bible journaling challenge, we encourage you to join us in reading and journaling the stories of twelve women of the Bible: Hagar, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Rachel, Miriam, Ruth, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, and Phoebe. At their worst, these women can remind us of the very lowest things people can be. But at their best, they bring to mind the praises sung of the nameless woman in Proverbs 31, the אֵשֶׁת חַֽיִל (eshet chayil): a wife of noble character, a woman of worth, a woman of valor.

Together as we journal the women of the Bible, we will discovering what it means to be a woman of valor. Laugh with Sarah and we experience her doubt and wonder. Pray with Hannah as we witness her grief and faithfulness. Sing with Mary as we experience her immense awe and joy at the glory of God.


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In this twelve-week Bible journaling challenge, we encourage you to join us in reading and journaling the stories of twelve women of the Bible. Join us for a free Bible journaling Bible study at www.seasonsillustrated.com