Announcing Women of Valor // A Free 12-Week Bible Journaling Challenge

In the six months since Advent Illustrated began, the Seasons Illustrated community has grown more than I ever could have imagined. Our group has transformed from handful of people I invited myself, to over 3,000 Bible journalers of all backgrounds and interests. Each time we work on a new study as a community, it feels like we are gathering together to create, learn, and worship. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Unfortunately, it’s a feeling we haven’t had since the end of Lent. And I miss it. I miss all of you, and seeing your work in the group and on my Facebook timeline. I miss hearing your comments and thoughts on what we’re reading. I miss seeing the support and positivity that you all share with each other every time you upload a photo of your work. But thanks to the time constraints of school, work, and personal obligations, putting together a new eBook or study was simply not in the cards for me for a while.

Luckily, summer has freed up a little but of time to put something else together: a free, 12-week Bible journaling challenge focusing on the women of the Bible!

Yes, free. That means: no eBook, no print book, and no restricted content on the blog! This is a great chance to get back into Bible journaling if you’ve taken some time off since Lent. And if you have a friend or family member who you think might be interested, it could be a great chance to invite them to join you.

What is the challenge? How do I participate?

Women of Valor: Journaling Through the Women of the Bible is a 12-week Bible journaling challenge for people of all comfort levels and artistic abilities. Every Sunday, there will be a new post up on this site, posted in the community’s Facebook group, and emailed to the mailing list, that gives you the week’s reading, journaling verse, and prompt. Whether you would like to follow the artistic prompt is up to you. All you need to do to participate is read the post and journal!

Why is it called women of valor?

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Proverbs 31, in which a “woman of noble character” – also translated as a woman of worth, or a woman of valor – is said to be worth more than rubies. The strength of character shown by many of the Biblical matriarchs and heroines reminds me of this verse, and as a means of exploring stories of those women (and the concept of what it means to be a “woman of valor”), this title seemed perfect. Also, Women Illustrated seemed a little strange.

When does it start? When does it end?

We start on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. It is a twelve-week study, so the last prompt will be released on Sunday, August 28th, 2016.

How will the challenge be set up?

It’s not a competition, so the only challenge is the one you give yourself, to journal once per week for twelve weeks this summer. You are welcome to do the weekly readings and journal entries at your own pace, and take longer than 12 weeks! You can receive the prompt in your email inbox or see it on Facebook.

I’ve never done Bible journaling before! How do I get started?

First of all, welcome! We are so glad to have you joining us. These two posts may help you as you get started:

Where can I buy the eBook/print book/printables/etc.?

Nowhere! This study is 100% free. That makes it perfect to share with anyone you like!

I have another question!

Great! Feel free to ask in the Facebook group or email me at

Announcing the free Women of Valor Bible Journaling study, exploring the lives of twelve women of the Bible. Join us at Seasons Illustrated! #BibleJournaling #Bible #BibleStudy