Welcome to Seasons Illustrated!

Hello friend, and welcome to Seasons Illustrated! Seasons Illustrated is a community and a resource, helping you connect with the Bible in a way that is creative, thoughtful, and fun. This site is the brand new homepage of the Seasons & Advent Illustrated Facebook community. Here you will find Bible journaling posts, tutorials, tips, resources, and studies. I’m so excited to get started, and I hope you are, too!

Why is it called Seasons Illustrated?

I wanted the name of our group to reflect its origins (Advent, a liturgical season), our community (who are all in different seasons of life), and the year-round nature of the new project (through every season). This seemed like a great fit, and will still allow us to celebrate Advent together again next year.

How will Seasons Illustrated be different from Advent Illustrated?

The biggest difference is that Seasons Illustrated will be a once-weekly challenge. Every Sunday, I will post the most recent verse and prompt on the blog, and it will be delivered straight to your inbox if you choose to sign up for the mailing list. As of the time of this writing, there will also not be a print book or eBook until next Advent.

Where will we share our work?

In the same Facebook group as this Advent (the name will be changed following Advent), and on Instagram using the hashtag #SeasonsIllustrated.

Do I have to join a new group?

Nope! All our communication will be taking place in our old Advent group, the name of which will be modified to reflect the year-long challenge.

Do I need to commit?

Not at all! This is a lower-intensity, lower-commitment version of Advent Illustrated, with the same wonderful, welcoming community. I hope it will serve as the best of both worlds until next Advent!


I have another question!

Awesome! Ask away in the comments or on Facebook and I will do my best to help!

And as always, thank you for supporting this project and the work I do. Seasons Illustrated would be nothing without you – the wonderful, vibrant, creative community that meets in our Facebook group and on Instagram so often. Thank you for the honor of leading this community and for the joy of journaling together.