Resources for Advent Illustrated: Waiting ‘Round the Wreath

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Hello friends!

I hope that you’ll be joining us for this year’s Advent study, Advent Illustrated: Waiting ‘Round the Wreath. This is our biggest and most comprehensive study yet! I’m so excited to have you journaling with us.

This post will serve as your homepage for all the resources for this study. As we go through the study and new resources become available, they will be added to this page. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often!

The Advent Study

The Advent study comes in eBook and print book form. Both include six plans and twenty-eight devotional prompts. There’s still time to order either or both and make sure you get them in time to join us!


Buy the print book here!

Buy the eBook here!

Printable Resources

There is an Advent Library where you can access all the printables and resources for the study. The password for the library is on the last page of both the eBook and the print book, but I’m also making the resources available here.

Reflection Journal with Daily Questions


Download the journal here!

Decorated Calendar Print


Download the calendar here!

Printable Bookmarks


Download two to a page

Download four to a page

‘Round the Candlelight Poem

'Round the Candlelight

Download the print here

Video and Music Playlists

Advent Illustrated Weekly Videos

This study comes with weekly “blessing” videos, in which I light a candle in the Advent wreath and say a prayer and blessing for you as you journal through the week. The videos will become available on a weekly basis, on the Sunday of every week, and will be added to this playlist. You can subscribe to our channel here, or see the videos on this playlist:

Classical Weekly Playlist

Each week of our study comes with one “song” day, in which we study a song or hymn from the biblical text itself! These hymns have often been put to music, and we have compiled a classical playlist so you can listen to the songs and get in the spirit of Advent. Below is the Classical version of the playlist.

Modern Weekly Playlist

For those of you who find modern music to be a better way to connect with God, our modern music playlist offers four modern renditions of the same songs from our study.

Musical Playlist for Journaling Time

Finally, we have a playlist on Spotify for those of you who like to listen to music while you journal. I am working to get this playlist on YouTube, as well.

Scripture Prints

Every day in our Advent study comes with a scripture verse, some of which have been transformed into scripture prints that will be shared here and on our Instagram. You are welcome to print these resources out to trace or print. Below are the ones that are already available:

  • First Week of Egypt
  • Isaiah 9:2 Scripture Print
    November 28th
  • Psalm 62:5 Scripture Print
    November 29th
  • Isaiah 9:6
    November 30th
  • Psalm 130:5
    December 1
  • John 8:12
    December 3rd
  • Romans 15:13
    December 4th

Recommended Supplies

You don’t need to purchase any extra supplies for this study, but if you’d like to, here are a few that I recommend.

Additional Books and Resources

Can’t get enough of Advent? Here are some additional books and resources I can recommend! I’ll be adding more of them as I do more reading throughout the season. Feel free to add more recommendations in the comments!

Advent Wreath

Advent Books

Advent with Kids

Advent Websites

Informational Posts About Advent Illustrated

Advent Illustrated Announcement + FAQ

The Advent Illustrated 2016 Calendar

Advent Illustrated Sample and Information

Why should I buy a scholarship?

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Application to receive a scholarship

Posting Schedule

Throughout the course of the study, I’ll be posting on our social media accounts to help keep you inspired and engaged.


Mondays through Saturdays:

That’s everything you need to know! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. We’re so excited to have you joining us!