Pre-Order Lent Illustrated!

Lent is just around the corner, and I am thrilled to share that the Lent Illustrated guide is finished. As I mentioned in a previous post, our Lent 2016 theme is Reflection and Renewal. We will use this time to reflect on our lives and our relationship with God, to take spiritual stock, and to celebrate the currents of grace and renewal that run through our faith.

Lent Illustrated is divided into four units, which are loosely inspired by the pillars of Lent. Each unit is two weeks long. Our first unit, Refrain, allows us to reflect on our lives and the negative influences that we may want to move away from during this season of repentance and spiritual spring cleaning. The second unit, Return, lets us focus on our spiritual and material gifts, and how we can use these to enact good in the world. The third unit, Reflect, lets us focus on our relationship with God as we move closer to Holy Week and Easter. The final unit, Rejoice, is a celebration of God’s love for us and our love for Him.

Each week will have two verses, a Reflection verse and a Renewal verse, with a combined prompt. You are welcome to illustrate either verse, or both!

LentIllustratedCoverI am releasing the 26-page, eight week eBook for pre-order today! If you click the pre-order button below you will be directed to Gumroad to enter your payment information and download the eBook!


Those who support me regularly on Patreon will be able to access the eBook, as well, once it is released. Subscribers to the mailing list will receive the weekly verse, but not the prompt.

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