Pre-Order the Lent Illustrated 2017 eBook!

Hello friends!

It is with great joy and excitement that I share with you the cover for Lent Illustrated 2017: Fruit of the Spirit! The eBook is now available for pre-order.

Lent Illustrated Cover Alternative Final

Because we had some confusion about how to pre-order last year, I put together a short post to explain how to pre-order the eBook. First, let me clarify two things!

  1. This is the PRE-ORDER for the eBook. You will only be charged, and will only receive the eBook PDF, on the day that the eBook is published.
  2. This is the pre-order for the EBOOK. If you would like to order a physical, print copy, that can be done via Amazon on or slightly before February 22, 2017. The physical book can be shipped anywhere in the world.

How to Pre-Order Lent Illustrated

You can pre-order the eBook here; if you’d like to share the link with your friends, it is Scroll down past the cover until you get to the description of the product.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.14.00 PM

This description offers a brief overview of what is included with the eBook. To the right of the description, you will see a column where you can pre-order the eBook:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.14.46 PM

There is a slot where you can “name a fair price.” We are recommending the price of this study at $10 for the seven-week study, the chapters on Bible journaling and the liturgical year, and the associated downloadable journal, calendar, and bookmarks that will be uploaded to the site before the study begins. If you cannot afford the $10 recommended price, our base (minimum) price is $5. If you would like to pay more than the recommended price of $10, the additional money will go to supporting this ministry and future free studies like our summer Women of Valor study.

Please type in a price you would like to pay for this study. You cannot leave this blank! After you type in your price, press “Pay.”


You will see a little form pop up asking for your email, state or country, and credit card or PayPal account. Once you fill out this information, you can press “Pre-order.” You will only be charged on the release date of the eBook, and will get a reminder email the night before. You will get an email with your eBook the second it becomes available!