Payment and Pricing FAQs

As we move into a new year full of new Bible journaling studies, some of you may have questions about eBook payment and pricing. I want this to be as easy as possible to understand, so today I’m answering some of the frequently asked questions that I get about payment and pricing for our studies.

What is the difference between a paid eBook and the free newsletter?

Spiritual resources should be available to everyone! For that reason, I offer a newsletter with a shortened version of the weekly prompt that allows people to participate in our studies even if they cannot afford to pay for the eBook. However, the eBook provides longer prompts with extra context and commentary, as well as additional information about our study, the texts we are working with, and more. There is also a difference of convenience: the eBooks allow you to go at your own pace.

What does $2+ mean?

I understand that not everyone comes from the same place financially, and not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on Bible studies and resources. Because of this, I have made our studies “pay what you want” so that you can the price point that you can afford. There is a base price point of $5 on Gumroad to cover the costs of the vendor (Gumroad) and to help cover the costs that go into making a study. If you still cannot afford this, please email me at

What is the difference between Gumroad and Patreon?

Great question! Gumroad is a one-time purchase that allows you to buy studies individually. It is pay-what-you-want with a base price of $5. Patreon is a monthly donation that gives you access to all our studies. You sign up to pay a certain amount once a month, and as a result, get access to all my creative resources and Bible journaling studies. It is also pay-what-you-want.

Why are only some studies available on Amazon as print books?

Only the major studies we do, like Advent, will be available in print. This is because it takes significantly more work for me to produce a print study than an eBook study, and for a four-week weekly study guide, it does not make sense to enter into that process! Longer studies will be available on Amazon.

Where can I buy the studies?

Please see:

If I bought on Gumroad, do I also need to buy on Patreon?

No! It’s either/or. Choose the one that works better for you.

Where do we sign up for the newsletter?

Please see the subscription page.

Do you have another question? Great! Please comment below and I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you!