How and Why to Pay for an Advent Illustrated Scholarship

Here at Seasons Illustrated, we love the work we do. We love getting to dig deep into the Bible, writing prompts, and seeing your beautiful work in our Facebook group. But creating these studies takes lots of work, time, and money on our parts. So while we love to create free studies like the Women of Valor study when we can, we do have to charge for our other studies to make sure that we can keep putting these studies out.

In an attempt to keep our studies affordable for our readers, we use pay-what-you-want pricing with a base rate, so that if you cannot afford the $10 recommended price for a study, you can pay as little as $5. However, some people in our community can not afford to pay money for Bible journaling at all. We still want these beloved members of our Seasons Illustrated family to be able to join us. That’s why, for the first time, we’re introducing scholarships for our Advent Illustrated study.

Here’s how it works:

  1. People who cannot afford to pay for Advent Illustrated can fill out an application and be added to our scholarship waiting list.
  2. On our sales page, you can purchase a $5 Advent Illustrated scholarship for someone else. You will receive a certificate thanking you for your donation.
  3. If you would like to pay for multiple scholarships, just pay a multiple of $5. For example, if you pay $15 dollars, three studies will be made available in your name.
  4. When you purchase a scholarship, one person will be removed from the waiting list. She will receive a free Advent Illustrated eBook, a free set of the 6 plans so that she can journal at her pace, and a certificate saying that she has won an Advent Illustrated scholarship. The certificate will include your name on it, so it will be something like “The Jane Doe Advent Illustrated Scholarship.”
  5. The recipient of the scholarship will join in our study just like everyone else!

If you would like to help make Advent accessible to all members of our community, you can purchase a scholarship here. Thank you so much for your contribution!