Our Studies

Seasons Illustrated is a Bible journaling challenge made up of different studies or ‘seasons’. The short-form prompts for these studies are available on this site and via email for those who are subscribed to our mailing list. If you would prefer to dig deep and learn more about the books we will be studying, you may choose to purchase the accompanying guides! These guides are chock-full of information, context, and added insight to help you gain as much as you can out of the study. For more information about payment, pricing, and different options, please see our Payment and Pricing FAQs.

All guides are available as eBooks, and select guides are also available as print books through Amazon. For our eBooks, we offer pay-what-you-want pricing with the understanding that not all members of our community can afford to invest financially in spiritual resources; however, we hope that you will choose to pay an amount that you feel is fair for your circumstance and the value of the product. Thank you for your support!

January-February 2017: Love Illustrated: Bible Journaling Seven Stories of Love

November – December 2016: Advent Illustrated: Waiting ‘Round the Wreath

June-August 2016: Women of Valor: Journaling Through the Women of the Bible

February – March 2016: Lent Illustrated

January 2016: Esther Illustrated

November – December 2015: Advent Illustrated: Journey Through the Bible