Esther Illustrated // Esther and Us

Thank you so much for joining the Seasons Illustrated community in our four-week study on Esther. While this journey is by no means all-inclusive or encompassing, I hope journaling through Esther helped you form a personal connection with and understanding of this beautiful and complicated book. Before we depart, I want to leave you with one final thought.

Each of the characters in the Book of Esther is human; fearful; flawed. And yet, they each have something to teach us.

Haman teaches us that pride comes before a fall; that a life without love and forgiveness will only harm us, in the end.

King Ahasuerus teaches us that, though we may have made painful, even cruel choices in the past, we can make better ones in the future.

Mordecai teaches us to live a life of integrity and honor.

And Esther, our hidden star, our heroine and companion through this journey, teaches us to use our influence to help others; to speak, even when our confidence fails us.

May each of us be an Esther: living our lives with courage and compassion.

Treating others with kindness and wisdom.

Ready to face our challenges.

Ready for “such a time as this.”