Announcing Love Illustrated: Bible Journaling Seven Stories of Love

Friends, I am so excited to share today’s news with you! For the past few months, I’ve been working with a small team of friends and fellow writers to bring you a new study for the Epiphany season. As this is a time when, thanks to Valentine’s Day, many in our culture are focusing on love, we thought it would be great to bring you a love-themed study that examines different love stories from the Bible: not just romantic love stories, but also stories of family love, the love of friends, or love of neighbor.


We are thrilled to present you today with Love Illustrated: Bible Journaling Seven Stories of Love, a self-paced study that digs into seven different love stories from the Old and New Testaments. We designed this study to come before the new Lent Illustrated study coming out in March: if you like, you can work at a pace of one love story per week right up until the Lent launch, or you could do two stories per week until Valentine’s Day!


The love stories included in this study are:

  • Rebekah and Isaac: A Love That Heals

  • Jacob and Rachel: A Love That Waits

  • Ruth and Naomi: A Love That Chooses

  • David and Jonathan: A Love That Transcends

  • Zechariah and Elizabeth: A Love That Lasts

  • The Good Samaritan: A Love That Aids

  • Priscilla and Aquila: A Love That Serves


Love Illustrated Cost, Dates, and Logistics

How will Love Illustrated be made available?

The study is available as a PDF which you are allowed to print and bind for your own purposes. You can purchase the eBook here.

How much will Love Illustrated cost?

We are committed to making our resources affordable and accessible to everyone. For that reason, we continue to do pay-what-you-want pricing for all of our studies. This year, our recommended price for Love Illustrated is $10, but our base price is $5, meaning that you can pay $5, $10, or any price above $5 that you want.

Do I need a separate Bible?

Many people who participate in Bible journaling have a special Bible in which they journal, separate from their personal study Bible. You can also, however, journal in your usual Bible, in a notebook, which is often more cost-effective, or use a combination of the two! The following links (which are affiliate links) are my personal recommendations:

You do not need to use my recommendations and you are welcome to journal on anything that you please.

Do I need fancy art supplies?

No! Some people enjoy having many art supplies to help them in their practice, but almost all of us got started with the same things you already have in your house: pens and colored pencils. You do not need to buy art supplies to journal with us, although you are welcome to if that is what makes you feel comfortable in your journaling. There are recommended supplies in the eBook.

When do we start?

This study is self-paced and can begin or end at any time. Our community is starting this study today, on January 14th, 2017, and will be journaling at a pace of 1-2 stories per week until Lent begins on March 1, 2017. You are welcome to join in at any time and journal at your own pace!

How do I sign up?!

To purchase the study, please head over to Gumroad, where we are asking for $10 for the study, but you can pay anything over $5. To see the artwork of others, please join out Facebook community, Seasons Illustrated Bible Journaling!