Announcing the Advent Illustrated 2016 Calendar

Hello friends! As Advent nears, I know many of you are choosing which studies or programs you’ll be joining in as we prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas. To help you in that decision, today we are releasing the calendar for Advent Illustrated 2016! We hope that seeing the verses we’ll be journaling will encourage you to join our community this Advent!

The Advent Illustrated Plans:

Below is the full Advent calendar for our 2016 Waiting ‘Round the Wreath study. As a reminder, there will be 6 different plans for different levels of engagement this year. They are:

  • The Wreath plan, journaling 6 days per week
  • The Cedar plan, journaling 5 days per week
  • The Laurel plan, journaling 4 days per week
  • The Holly plan, journaling 3 days per week
  • The Ivy plan, journaling 2 days per week
  • The Rosemary plan, journaling 1 day per week

These plans will be made available in the Advent Illustrated eBook and print book. You can pre-order the eBook here!

Advent Illustrated 2016 Calendar

Here is how the calendar works:

The four weeks of Advent have color themes: three purple, and one rose. We will explain the significance of these colors in the Advent Illustrated book and videos, but for now, you should just know that the first, second, and fourth weeks of Advent are purple, and third week of Advent is rose-colored in theme.

Each week begins with a Rest Day (blue). Advent begins on Sunday, and each Sunday leading up to Christmas marks the start of a new week. Because Sunday is a day of rest in the Christian calendar, we will be using Sundays (marked in blue) to prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas through rest.

One day per week is a Story Day (orange). These story days walk our community through the Nativity, starting with the expectation and prophecy for the birth of the Messiah, and ending with the birth and celebration of the infant Christ.

One day per week is a Song Day (green). Throughout the Nativity story are three Canticles, or hymns in the Biblical text itself. To help bring the text to life for you this Advent, we will be journaling these canticles. We begin Advent with a song from the Old Testament and then work our way through the canticles of the Nativity story. There will be a musical playlist to help you listen along as you journal!

Four days each week are Scripture Days (white). Like the Daily Office readings of the church, our Scripture Days come in four types: an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, a Gospel reading, and an Epistle. That means that if you journal through the whole calendar, you will get readings from all throughout the Bible every week, helping you build your Biblical knowledge and draw on a variety of texts in preparation for Christmas.

How do the videos come into play?

Because we will be Waiting ‘Round the Wreath to journal this year, each week will begin with a Blessing Video, in which I light that week’s candle, explain a little bit about its theme, and extend a prayer and blessing to you for that week of Advent. This way, you can enjoy the warmth and magic of the wreath without needing to buy one yourself, or you can light your candles along with me.

How do I order?

The Advent Illustrated 2016 plan is available as both an eBook and a print book. Both options include:

  • The calendar shown above
  • The plans for engagement, ranging from once-per-week journaling to a six-days-per-week practice
  • Access to the Blessing Videos
  • Access to the musical playlists for this season
  • Chapters on how to start Bible journaling
  • Chapters explaining Advent and the liturgical year
  • Daily devotional readings and prompts to encourage you in your Advent journey

eBook: You can pre-order the eBook for $10 at Gumroad. We’ve put together this page to show you how to pre-order if that is new for you!

Print Book: You will be able to buy the print book on Amazon in mid-November. The book should be available on Amazon UK, CA, and all other international versions of Amazon.

I want to know more!

If you want to learn more about our study, feel free to check out our announcement and FAQ! We hope to have you join us this season!