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Hello dear friends! It’s been quite a while since there have been new updates here, and I know many of you are waiting excitedly for Advent to come around again, when this community is at its most vibrant.

Those of you who are waiting excitedly for a new Advent study from me may have seen me share in the Facebook group that I’m not writing a new study this year. I’m so sorry if that is disappointing news, but as I am in a new chapter of my life and considering the time and resources it takes to create a new study, I am not able to commit to a writing a full month-long study now.

However, the last two years’ studies will be available here and as PDFs and hard copy books for those of you who missed a study or who would like to experience the magic of a previous study for a second time. This page will link to all the resources for the previous studies so that they are in one place.

About Advent Illustrated

Advent Illustrated is a four-week Bible journaling study during the season of Advent, in preparation for Christmas. What is a Bible journaling study? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a Bible study with a journaling component that allows you to take what you’re learning and turn it into devotional art. You do not need to be an artist to join us for Advent; every skill level is represented in our group. If you don’t feel comfortable making art in the margins of your Bible, you are more than welcome to buy a separate notebook in which to journal.

What is Advent?

Advent is the first season of the liturgical year, or Christian calendar. The liturgical year is a series of seasons and celebrations that keep an eye on the life and ministry of Jesus; Advent is the season before Christmas in which we prepare for the birth of Christ. It last four weeks, and this year begins on November 27th.

Advent Illustrated: Waiting ‘Round the Wreath

Many people who celebrate Advent in their churches or homes use a wreath to mark the weeks leading up to Christmas. In the wreath are four candles: three purple and one pink, representing Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy. Each Sunday of Advent, a blessing is said while one of the candles is lit. In some traditions, there is a fifth, white candle in the middle: the Christ Candle, to be lit on Christmas day. For our study this year, we will be journaling the themes of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy alongside the Advent candles in preparation for Christmas.

The Advent study comes in eBook and print book form. Both include six plans and twenty-eight devotional prompts.


Get the eBook here

Get the print book here!

Reflection Journal with Daily Questions


Download the journal here!

Decorated Calendar Print


Download the calendar here!

Printable Bookmarks


Download two to a page

Download four to a page

‘Round the Candlelight Poem

'Round the Candlelight

Download the print here

Advent Illustrated Weekly Videos

This study comes with weekly “blessing” videos, in which I light a candle in the Advent wreath and say a prayer and blessing for you as you journal through the week. The videos will become available on a weekly basis, on the Sunday of every week, and will be added to this playlist. You can subscribe to our channel here, or see the videos on this playlist:

Classical Weekly Playlist

Each week of our study comes with one “song” day, in which we study a song or hymn from the biblical text itself! These hymns have often been put to music, and we have compiled a classical playlist so you can listen to the songs and get in the spirit of Advent. Below is the Classical version of the playlist.

Modern Weekly Playlist

For those of you who find modern music to be a better way to connect with God, our modern music playlist offers four modern renditions of the same songs from our study.

Musical Playlist for Journaling Time

Finally, we have a playlist on Spotify for those of you who like to listen to music while you journal. I am working to get this playlist on YouTube, as well.

Advent Illustrated 2015: Journey Through the Bible

Advent Illustrated: Journey Through the Bible takes a look at the tradition of the Jesse Tree, where each day of Advent corresponds to a Biblical story from Genesis to the Nativity. This study is great for families, as there is both an adult and a children’s version of this study.

Get the eBook here

Get the kids’ version here