Advent Illustrated is Available!

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The time has come! After weeks of waiting, I am so excited to share that Advent Illustrated is available to purchase in both eBook and print! I have gotten so many comments, emails, and messages from you letting me know how eager you are to buy the book, and I can’t wait to share the final product with you. Today I’m sharing some more information about the Advent Illustrated 2016 program, and offering a free sample of the book!

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What’s included with the book?

The book itself has seven chapters and 28 devotional prompts, one for every day of Advent. It includes six customized journaling plans so you can work at your own level of engagement! The study also comes with access to the following:


  • 5 weekly “blessing” videos, in which I offer some thoughts on our weekly theme, light the Advent candles, and offer a prayer for you in that week of Advent. These will be on our YouTube channel! The first one will come out after Thanksgiving.
  • A Classical Advent playlist that coincides with the weekly Song days in our study, featuring choral renditions of the Biblical songs we will be studying.
  • A Modern Advent playlist that coincides with the weekly Song days, for those of you who prefer modern music!
  • Access to a special Advent library of free resources that will help you make this Advent extra meaningful. The password to the library is on the last page of both the print book and the eBook, and is only for those who will be joining us in our study!
  • A beautiful printable Advent calendar to help you keep track of our daily readings and prompts (available in the Advent Library).
  • A reading checklist bookmark, so you know which verses to read each day as you keep track of where you are in the Biblical text (available in the Advent Library).
  • A printable Reflection Journal with daily questions and space to respond and reflect on your Advent season.
  • I will also be posting daily discussion questions in this group and photos on our Instagram to help keep you inspired! When you tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #adventillustrated, we’ll see it and may share it on our page.

What is the difference between the eBook and print book?

Below is a comparison of the eBook, printed out onto 8.5 x 11 (US Letter) printer paper, and the physical book, which is 6 x 9 inches.


Here are some basic differences between the eBook and print book!

  • Size and length. The eBook pages are bigger (8.5 x 11, while the print book is 6 x 9), so there are fewer pages (the eBook has 81; the print book has 95).
  • Accessibility. The print book is available to purchase on Amazon, and will deliver to any country where Amazon delivers (that means YES, England, Germany, New Zealand… anywhere!). The eBook is available to purchase online, so you can buy and download it in no matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection. They both come with the same resources.
  • Price. The eBook is pay-what-you-want, with a recommended price of $10 and a base price of $5, so that if you can’t afford the $10 recommended price, you can pay $5 for a copy. The print book is $19.99, due to the length of the book and the full-color pages and photos. I’ll explain more about the price below.

A Note on Price

Those of you who participated in last year’s Advent Illustrated may remember that the print book was only $13.99. When people asked me about how much this year’s was going to cost, I assumed $13.99 as well because it would be the same size, cover material, and full-color pages. What I didn’t take into account is that this year’s book is more than one and a half times as long as last year’s book – 95 pages, compared to 65 pages. More chapters have been added; the prompts for each day are about three times as long; and there are just more days in Advent this year, meaning that the book is just a lot longer.


I didn’t want to make the book lower-quality, so we have kept the full-color pages so that we can still have color-coded calendars and full-color photos. Because of the new pages and the same quality of the book, the production cost went up by a lot. That’s why the cost is higher; I am not making any more money off of the book than last year!

If you cannot afford the $19.99 print book price, you can still purchase the eBook for $10, or at the base price of $5. If you cannot afford the book at all, you can apply for a scholarship.

Can I see a sample before I buy?

Yes! You can check out a ten-page sample of the eBook here.

I’ll be sharing a page with full resources soon! In the meantime, you can still:

Buy the print book here!

Buy the eBook here!